If you can dream it, we can manufacture it

If you can dream it, we can manufacture it

If you can dream it, we can manufacture it

General capabilities

Are your requirements demanding? For us, they are an extra motivation.

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Quality Certifications



Machining How do we achieve perfection even in the largest pieces? Through Machining. At DIVISEGUR we machine pieces of all dimensions, but when the size exceeds 3 meters, as shown in the image, they represent a plus of difficulty, capacity and professionalism. Only...

Oxifuel cutting machine

Oxifuel cutting machine Impressive, isn't it! This is our oxyfuel cutting machine used to cut thick steel sheets and bars. On this occasion, the piece you are cutting will be used to be assembled into a tool for the manufacture of parts for the transport of wind...

Welding perfection

Welding perfection Look at this piece! What attracts your attention most...? Very simple, the perfection of its welding. At DIVISEGUR we are simply experts in welding. In any of its modalities and elements. We have our own on-the-job training centre which, among...


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