Who we are

Our success begins with our team of professionals

We look ahead facing new challenges, looking for new markets, working together with the best specialists and discovering new opportunities.

Why are we experts at our job?

We believe in dedication.

There is a theory to explain when someone can be considered an expert in some task, craft or job. It is said that only when you spend more than 10,000 hours, you reach the level of proficiency of an expert.

In Divisegur it’s quite difficult for us to estimate how many hours we have accumulated since we started our operations in 2003. But even so, we are confident that since then, talking about the structures we have welded for wind industry, as for the vehicles manufactured, and also regarding engineering and construction, we add 10,000 hours multiplied several times.

And we only mentioned time, when we consider the successes and satisfaction of our customers during these 15 years, we can only reaffirm our commitment to continue working hard in our aim to provide the best service.

We seek for excellence in our work

After all this time and all the experience acquired, we can affirm that we are experts in wind industry, in vehicle conversions and in engineering for construction.

Because we have the know-how of 15 years of well-executed work, over the years we obtained all the quality certifications that prove our skills.

We pay attention to detail, seek excellence in our finishes and guarantee a flawless traceability which assures our customers that their orders have completed every step of the manufacturing process with the required quality

Which is our mission?

The world needs strong structures to support its growth. A solid foundation in which to display the latest state-of-the-art progress.

There is a promising way ahead and we will be there to build them.