There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of August. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Thanks for the effort

2020, a difficult year for everyone but, despite this, we have continued to grow.
Business growth in terms of employment, innovation, international projection, added value and results, as reflected in the recognition, for the fourth consecutive year, of CEPYME500, as well as finalist in the VII edition of the CEPYME Awards.
DIVISEGUR continues to demonstrate, year after year, its social and business commitment as a leading company in the sector and economic engine of the national industry, each and every one of the people who make up this great family of DIVISEGUR, we are deeply proud of these awards and motivate us to move forward with enthusiasm for this 2021.
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Investing in new elements to improve the quality of our products is a commitment we make with our customers
We have the necessary infrastructure for cutting by laser, plasma and oxyfuel, to … cut whatever comes our way
And not only that, we have rotary head technology that allows us to bevel cutting even K-type in one pass.
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At DIVISEGUR we create the future.

Learning and Professional Training are part of our business philosophy and is one of the bases of our growth.
From continuous training, aimed at our own team, to training for employment to guarantee professional capacities; They are part of the educational project of DIVISEGUR.
This project has a first-rate teaching team, as well as facilities and means that allow acquiring the desired knowledge and experience.
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News about wind

In the first half of 2021, the set of renewable energies in Spain has generated more than half of the national production with 51.3%.
At the head of this renewable drive is wind power, responsible for almost a quarter of all semi-annual production in our country with 24.7%.
Wind power has left 23.7% more GWh of wind power in the national electricity system in this first semester than in 2020, with February being the month in which its contribution was highest with 29.8% of the total mix.
Source: AEE

The growth is a constant

At DIVISEGUR the growth is a constant
We grow in all the areas we perform, from the opening of new international markets to growth in production, through increasing the level of employment or growing in training.
All this together with a constant reinvestment in assets to consolidate our growth and continuing being leaders in our sector.
At DIVISEGUR, we believe in the future and we are proud to be part of its construction
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Traceability is key in each and every one of the production phases.
To achieve this, our strategy at DIVISEGUR is twofold: to have the best technology and to guarantee that each piece that goes into production meets all the requirements.
To achieve this, constant investment in new technologies and continuous training are necessary to continue being the benchmark in the sector.
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Quality and perfect finishes!

At DIVISEGUR, total quality is our goal and greatest challenge. For this we have the best professionals equipped with the latest technology.
That is the reason our products are recognized for their quality above the rest.
We are prepared to face any new challenge, hence our products and services are recognized with the highest quality standards in the sector: EN 1090, EN 3834 EXC 4.
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News about wind

Thanks to renewables, Norway and Spain will produce the cheapest green hydrogen in Europe this decade.
The analysis suggests that electrolyzers paired with onshore wind in Norway will produce the cheapest green hydrogen in Europe this decade, closely followed by those paired with onshore wind in Spain.

Quality control

Our objetive is to achieve excellence in the entire production process, therefore, quality is key from the beginning
To achieve this, our strategy at DIVISEGUR is twofold: ensuring quality during all steps of the manufacturing process and maintaining traceability in materials and parts.
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