There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of December. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Constant growth.

Business growth in employment, innovation, international projection, added value and results, as reflected by the recognition, for the fourth consecutive year, by CEPYME500, as well as a finalist in the 7th edition of the CEPYME Awards.
DIVISEGUR continues to demonstrate, year after year, its social and business commitment as a leading company in the sector and economic engine of the national industry. Each and every one of the people that make up this great family of DIVISEGUR, we feel deeply proud of these acknowledgments and they motivate us to move forward with enthusiasm for this 2021.
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The importance of our wind turbine maintenance service!

The importance of our wind turbine maintenance service!
Our wind farm maintenance #service teams constantly perform component repair work, as well as preventive and predictive maintenance in these facilities in order to guarantee, at all times, the best energy performance.
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News about wind

Wind energy will be one of the most important energies of the future in Spain.
– It avoids the annual emission of 29 M tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
– There are 1,265 wind farms in more than 1,000 municipalities in Spain.
– Wind energy represents 21.29% coverage of energy demand.
– And it is the 1st technology of the Spanish electrical system.
Source: AEE.

Growth, evolution and consolidation.

At DIVISEGUR we have assumed that leadership and reference in the sector bring great effort and sacrifice, as well as constant renewal and reinvention, but the result is worth it.
We have come this far knowing very well where we started from and what our dreams were.
During this trip we have been growing solidly to face any challenge because we are convinced that we are prepared to achieve it.
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Our work ends when the customer receives our product.
A perfect packaging, a precise placement and protection of each and every one of the pieces, demonstrate our ability to deliver.
At DIVISEGUR, quality in all our processes is the key to our success.
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We seek perfection in each process

We seek perfection in each process.
At DIVISEGUR we combine the most efficient means with the skills of our human team to be competitive.
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Merry Christmas!

All the family that make up DIVISEGUR want to wish you that this Christmas illuminates our hearts of hope and illusion
Merry Christmas!
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Happy New Year 2022!

This year that is now ending has been a new challenge for all of us. A challenge that we have successfully overcome because together we have achieved it.
The entire family that makes up DIVISEGUR wants to wish you that the year 2022 allows us to continue giving the best of ourselves and achieve, together, to make a better world.
Happy 2022!
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