There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of October. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

DIVISEGUR Finalist in the 7th edition of the 2021 CEPYME Awards

DIVISEGUR Finalist in the 7th edition of the 2021 CEPYME Awards!
This past April, the CEPYME Awards Gala took place at the Centro Reina Sofía, where His Majesty the King of Spain presided over this act in which DIVISEGUR was one of the three finalists in the category “job creation”.
Our presence at said Gala and the awarding of a diploma as a finalist is a great honor for all of us, apart from a recognition of our work and daily work of all the members that make up DIVISEGUR.
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Thanks for the effort

We have our own approved training center dedicated to training for employment, guaranteeing professional training for unemployed young people.
DIVISEGUR has a first-rate teaching team, as well as facilities and means that allow it to acquire the desired knowledge and experience.
At DIVISEGUR we create the future.
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We believe in training as a basis for growth.

Spain is a country with an international position, proven experience and great capacity for technological and industrial development in the maritime sector and, in particular, in that of marine renewable energies.
The extensive and proven Spanish experience in disciplines such as wind energy, shipbuilding, civil engineering, the construction of large infrastructures (metal and concrete), the auxiliary maritime industry, maritime transport, or port management is now presented as direct application to the innovative development of the offshore wind supply chain.
Source: AEE

The added value

The added value of DIVISEGUR is to offer the most complete service for the renewable industry.
One of our most developed areas is the creation of custom-made and serial parts.
From the engineering and design department, through the different manufacturing and assembly phases, to the delivery of the part to the customer, we take care of everything.
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News about wind

This year 2021, with more than 27,400 MW of wind power installed, has meant consolidating wind power as the first technology in the system, both in terms of installed power and generation.
With the increase in new wind power and 21% coverage of electricity demand, the sector must take advantage of its strengths in an environment of opportunities, but also of challenges, both temporary and structural.
Source: AEE

Safety at work

Safety at work, one of our main premises.
We recently have had a visit from a team of firefighters to carry out practices and receive information on how we should react to emergency situations in our jobs.
Training and information are the bases of an effective occupational risk prevention policy that we implement in the company.
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Beyond a simple logo!

DIVISEGUR is much more than a brand. It is a company philosophy, a work philosophy that marks each of our lives
The desire to belong to a group runs in our DNA. But when that group also represents the culmination of goals and challenges, instinct turns into satisfaction.
All the workers that make up the DIVISEGUR family are proud that with our efforts we are collaborating in the generation of green energy.
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The application of the most demanding quality standards results in the perfection of the product
Each piece that we manufacture, in each phase of production, is subjected to a quality control process to guarantee its perfect use and operation under the most demanding conditions.
At DIVISEGUR, the highest quality is our main objective.
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News about wind

The sea of ??winds.
The Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge has cataloged more than 7,500 square kilometers of Spanish territorial waters as a priority use area for offshore wind energy or an area of ??high potential for the development of this technology.
Fuente: energias-renovables.com