There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of January. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.


For another year, and for four consecutive years, from 2018 to 2021, we have once again been chosen by CEPYME to be part of CEPYME 500, the 500 leading companies in business growth in Spain.
DIVISEGUR continues to demonstrate, year after year, its social and business commitment as a leading company in the sector and economic engine of the national industry.
Each and every one of the people who make up this great family of DIVISEGUR, we feel deeply proud of these recognitions and they motivate us to move forward with enthusiasm for 2022.
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In order to be leaders in the sector, it is necessary, among other aspects, to have the best professionals in each field.
Each person who is part of the DIVISEGUR team is here on their own merits, ability, attitude and professionalism.
At DIVISEGUR, we only trust the best for each area and function.
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At DIVISEGUR growth is a constant

We grow in all the areas that we perform, from the opening of new international markets to the growth in production, through increasing the level of employment or growing in training.
And, all this, accompanied by a constant reinvestment in assets to consolidate our growth and continue to be leaders in our sector.
At DIVISEGUR, we believe in the future and we are proud to be part of its construction
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News about wind

The national wind sector faces the challenge of recycling 145,000 tons of wind turbine blades.
According to the data handled by the employers of the sector, the Wind Energy Business Association, between now and 2025, up to 145,475 tons of wind turbine blades will be dismantled in Spain, which will be when they reach their useful life of 20 years.
Wind turbine blades are made of thermosetting composite materials, mainly fiberglass or carbon and resins, which are difficult to separate. A challenge!
Source: AEE

Our goal…

Our goal is to achieve excellence in the entire production process, therefore, quality is key from the beginning
To achieve this, our strategy at DIVISEGUR is twofold: ensure quality during all steps of the manufacturing process and maintain traceability in materials and parts.
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Quality and prevention, closely linked

At DIVISEGUR we assume as a premise that safety is the most important thing and that continuous training in prevention is the basis for avoiding occupational accidents.
For this reason, we constantly and continuously carry out training and retraining courses for all activities and jobs.
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Size does not matter.

A perfect assembly and a correct mooring of each and every one of the pieces demonstrate our ability to deliver regardless of their dimensions.
At DIVISEGUR, quality in all our processes is the key to our success.
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News about wind!

Siemens Gamesa developed the technical solution, which it has called the blade lifter, and has used it to transport the blades of the wind turbines that will be installed in the Buseco wind farm (Asturias) that is distributed throughout the municipalities of Tineo, Villayón and Valdés.
The transport operation has been a pioneer in Europe.
The blades measure 65 meters (an Olympic pool measures 50).
The park will have a power of 50 megawatts.
Source: AEE

The exact tool at the exact moment

It is not only a question of design, materials or resistance; it is also a matter of precision.
At DIVISEGUR we have the capacity and the Know How to make that piece that only a few of us can create.
From the design to its delivery on time, we offer effective and lasting solutions.
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