Agreement with TSD Almida for the reinsertion of people with disabilities into the labour market

Agreement with TSD Almida for the reinsertion of people with disabilities into the labour market


The president of the confederation of entities Castilla-La Mancha Inclusive, Enrique Alarcón, has signed a collaboration agreement with the companies of the group TSD Almida to promote the employment of people with physical and organic disabilities in the region.

TSD Almida

TSD Almida is a group made up of, among others, Tecnove Security SL, Divisegur SL and TSD Almida People Inclusion, which have been represented in this agreement by their heads, Adrián Navas Carramolino, Francisco Bolaños García-Valdivieso, and Ángel Luis González Olivares, respectively, as reported Castilla-La Mancha Inclusiva in a press release.

The Labour Intermediation Service of Castilla-La Mancha Inclusiva, a resource promoted in collaboration with their organizations and funded by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha with a charge of 0.7% of personal income tax and the ONCE Foundation, will have a preferential relationship in the selection processes for initial training and access to employment in the companies of the group. In the same way, it will work together in raising awareness and advice on corporate responsibility to other companies in the field of labor market insertion of people with disabilities within the framework of this agreement.

Tecnove Security has more than 200 employees and more than 30 specialized engineers, who carry out their work in modern facilities in the town of Herencia, with more than 25,000 square meters of fields, latest generation machinery for remarketing, mobile units, as well as construction and civil works.

For its part, Divisegur acts in the field of civil engineering, implementation of unique structures, locksmithing and maintenance, repair and maintenance of vehicles and fleets and bodywork of vehicles, performs conservation work in industrial estates, leisure centers, business areas and the busiest areas of many populations spread throughout the national geography.

Meanwhile, TSD People Inclusion advises companies to comply with legal obligations of social responsibility, has specialized in hiring staff, strengthening their professional skills and professional technology to measure, taking into account profiles such as people with disabilities.

Within the group, actions have been carried out to increase the incorporation of people with disabilities into the workforce through initial and continuous training in the highly specialised technical areas of the different divisions. An innovative Dual Vocational Training model has been consolidated within the regional and national business fabric.

The regional Confederation of entities of people with physical and organic disabilities, Castilla-La Mancha Inclusiva, brings together almost a hundred entities representing around 10,000 people with disabilities. It is currently made up of four provincial federations, Cocemfe Albacete, Cocemfe Cuenca, Cocemfe Guadalajara, Cocemfe Toledo, the regional entities Afanion and Aidiscam and the national association Amiab.

Source: El Dia