There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of June. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Training is the essential of the productive efficiency and at DIVISEGUR we know it very well.

We are very proud of all the students who pass through our Training Centre and, as in the case of the image we show, have been trained in and for employment. The students who have passed our courses have professional training to be able to carry out their work with the maximum guarantees and specialization. Obviusly, at DIVISEGUR we select the best to join our team and help us grow together.

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Information about Wind Energy

Did you know that yesterday, June 6, there was a decrease in the cost of light caused by the generation of 189,913MWh of wind energy? This energy generation accounted for 28% of the daily demand for electricity, which contributed to an average price of 10.45 cents of €/kWh. At DIVISEGUR we believe in this. Wind energy is one of the energies of the future with the greatest projection of world growth and, therefore, we are one of the leading companies in the sector of maintenance of wind farms, as well as the manufacture of components and parts for their construction.

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Perfect welds.

At DIVISEGUR we have the best qualified professionals and the latest generation technological means whose result is the one shown in the image. That is our growth base and our best guarantee of quality of our products and services.

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In our welds a nice finish is not enough.

At DIVISEGUR the quality controls on our manufacture are very demanding, and in the case of the welds, even more. This is the only way we can guarantee the performance of our products under the most extreme conditions. For this reason, we continue to grow and be a benchmark in the sector.

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Training is a constant in our productive development.

Only with a combination of theoretical-practical training and in a real environment where the student knows first hand what are the peculiarities of each phase of production. Is where a higher level of professional training is achieved. At DIVISEGUR we assume our responsibility and we train professionals so that inside or outside our company they have the best qualification to offer the expected results.

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Not all pieces are the same.

Every part that leaves DIVISEGUR is the sum of our effort, dedication and know-how. The parts shown in the image have been created by a very special machining process. A challenge that we have overcome once again.

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Robotic welding

Automation allows us to continue being a reference in the industry. The use of robotic welding equipment optimizes production costs allowing us to be more competitive. At DIVISEGUR we do not stop investing in the newest hardware which guarantees the quality of our work leading to an optimization of it.

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DIVISEGUR exports to 5 continents.

Thanks to our export and logistics department, our products can be delivered anywhere in the world either DAP or DDP. At DIVISEGUR we take charge of managing it in the most optimal way possible so that the transports offer the maximum reliability and security up to its destination and, thus, to obtain the total satisfaction of the client.

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DIVISEGUR doesn’t stop growing.

The DIVISEGUR LEÓN delegation is made up of a first-rate team of people. Professionals in each production area are in charge of developing precision structural assemblies for large tonnage assemblies, complying with the most demanding quality requirements. At DIVISEGUR we are all part of this great family.

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We have a new member in the “family”.

At DIVISEGUR, our automation strategy has led to the purchase of a new machine. It consists of an automatic deburring machine and will allow us to clean large quantities of sheet metal to improve the quality of our welding.

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