There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of January. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Happy New Year 2020

We wish you an Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Godt Nytår!

News about Wind Energy

The increased use of wind resources in the EU has led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

With the 29.5 TWh generated by the wind in the month (enough to more than cover the Spanish monthly consumption of 21 TWh) the emission into the atmosphere of at least 24.5 million tonnes of CO2 has been avoided. In Spain, the emissions avoided thanks to the wind are 3.7 million tonnes of CO2.

At DIVISEGUR we are committed to this inexhaustible source of energy. 

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Source AEE

Happy Three Wise Men!

Happy Three Wise Men!

Custom-made pieces

At DIVISEGUR we create exclusive, custom-made pieces.

Our R+D department develops turnkey projects for our clients, offering the highest levels of safety and quality.

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Safety at work

Safety at work, both active and passive, is unquestionable.

At DIVISEGUR we know that the maximum quality of our products is supported by a complete system of protection and safety at work.

These curtains protect from the incidence of UV rays that affect people who are close to the welding area.

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News about Wind Energy

Spanish families save 50 euros in electricity each year thanks to wind energy

The use of wind energy instead of fossil fuels has led to savings for the [national electricity] system valued at 23,540 million euros in the 2012-2018 period, due to the reduction in the price of the electricity market pool.

For an average residential consumer, the savings have been 351 euros on their electricity bill, over seven years (2012-2018), that is, an average of 50 euros less to pay … every year.

The data is from the consulting firm Deloitte (“Macroeconomic Study of the Impact of the Wind Sector in Spain”).

Ergonomics course with a MIME

One more time, DIVISEGUR due to its compromise with the work health of all its employees and regarding the Prevention of Work Risks, has carried out an Ergonomics day for the professionals who develop their tasks carrying out Administrative, Engineering and Quality works.

This training is necessary due to the health risk involved in taking inappropriate working postures that cause muscular and joint pain or tiredness. In this session, the trainer has addressed all these problems through

MIMING, correcting postures in a very fun way and giving advice on how to avoid risks.

A day full of laughs as well as learning.

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Our team is the key!

At DIVISEGUR we carry out an exhaustive selection process of candidates to cover our productive needs and we make sure we have the best in each area.

Therefore, our search is based on the professional and human skills of each candidate, on their working attitude and their commitment to the rest of the team.

Thanks to this, we manage to be a leading company in the sector.

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Welding is art!

Many of the people would not be able to recognize perfection in this weld, but for those of us who are dedicated to this activity, we do know how to recognize when a job is simply perfect.

At DIVISEGUR this result is our way of understanding quality at work.

News about Wind Energy

Spain must add 2,200 MW of wind power per year to meet the objectives for 2030.

To do this, among other factors, it must obtain leadership in technology development and R&D activities in the sector, as well as adequate training for professionals in the sector with adaptability and vision of the future.

And on the other hand, it must promote offshore wind energy in Spain as an industrial opportunity for competitiveness and innovation.

Source: energitica21.com