There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of June. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Training actions

From DIVISEGUR we communicate the resolution of the selection of people for the training course in OXIGÁS Welding and MIG / MAG Welding, which will be taught at our facilities. Thank you very much to all!

Thanks for the effort

2020, a difficult year for everyone but, despite this, we have continued to grow.
Business growth in terms of employment, innovation, international projection, added value and results, as reflected in the recognition, for the fourth consecutive year, of CEPYME500, as well as finalist in the VII edition of the CEPYME Awards.
DIVISEGUR continues to demonstrate, year after year, its social and business commitment as a leading company in the sector and economic engine of the national industry, each and every one of the people who make up this great family of DIVISEGUR, we are deeply proud of these awards and motivate us to move forward with enthusiasm for this 2021.
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New training

This week has been inaugurated the new training course in Oxigas and MIG/MAG welding for unemployed people with a duration of 600 hours and with a commitment of hiring at the end of it.
In DIVISEGUR we have our own approved training center dedicated to training for employment, ensuring professional training for unemployed young people.
In addition, we have a first class teaching team, as well as facilities and resources that allowes to acquire the desired knowledge and experience.
At DIVISEGUR we create the future.
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Service team

Our advantage is based on offering solutions.
On this occasion, our maintenance #service for wind turbines and wind farms, has improved the design of the elevator greasing system, allowing a perfect functionality both operational and fine-tuning.
DIVISEGUR provides solutions and support to the customer so that their facilities continue to operate optimally and safely.
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Technology and skill

Technology and skill
At DIVISEGUR we combine the most efficient means with the skills of our team to be competitive.
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News about Wind Energy

On June 1, 2021, 113,326 MWh of electricity were generated by wind farms, which corresponds to 22% of the daily electricity demand at an average price of 15.85 cents / kWh.
The final cost of the domestic electricity bill depends on three main components: regulated costs, the cost of electricity generation and taxes.
The regulated costs of the system are transport, distribution, payment of debt and interest on the tariff deficit, the incentive paid to large industries to reduce their electricity consumption if necessary (interruptibility), capacity payments for conventional technologies, incentives for renewables and cogeneration, and the additional costs of electricity generation on the islands, where it is more expensive to produce than on the mainland.
The cost of energy is fixed in a competitive market (pool) where the different energy sources offer electricity to meet the expected demand one day in advance.

Source: AEE


Only through specialization and the highest qualification, together with facilities that are sized and equipped to carry out any type of project, we are able to offer the parts and finishes that our customers want.
In DIVISEGUR we are convinced of our capabilities and, therefore, we face each order as a new challenge that tests us as professionals and as a company. This is the only way to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction.
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Young talents

DIVISEGUR, betting on young talents!
And that is why it is aware of giving the opportunity in the first job and collaborating with the different training centers with open days to publicize its talent recruitment program.
On this occasion we have been visited by the students of the Higher Technical Degree in Renewable Energies, of the IES CONSABURUM, of Consuegra, Toledo.
At DIVISEGUR we create the future
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Customer Service

Our Sales and Customer Service, one of our most efficient systems.
The protocols established in sales management allow us to offer our customers answers and personalized budgets quickly and efficiently.
In DIVISEGUR we have the know-how and the personal and material capacities to face your project, no matter how big it is.
This is our philosophy and we develop it with exigency and professionalism.
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More than just a logo!
It is involvement, commitment, security, growth, motivation, effort, sacrifice, illusion, responsibility, future…
A company’s brand is a symbol of identity and a work philosophy.
DIVISEGUR defends values of commitment, ethics and quality that all the people who make up the company assume.
All the workers who make up the DIVISEGUR family are proud to be part of it.
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We are very proud of our people!

We are very proud of our people!
At DIVISEGUR, our secret is to have the best professionals in each area.
Our human team is the engine of our success!