There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of June. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.


Training is one of the foundations of our success.
Both a continuous training, aimed at our own team, and an on-the-job training to guarantee a professional qualification are part of DIVISEGUR’s educational project.
This project has a first class educational team, as well as facilities and means that allow us to acquire the desired knowledge and experience.
At DIVISEGUR we create the future
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News about Wind Energy

Wind energy during the confinement by the Covid-19.

The greater wind power generation during the confinement and the reduction in demand caused by the closure of companies during the state of emergency have meant that, in relation to prices, the electricity market during March has marked the lowest arithmetic average price in the last 4 years with 27.74 euros/MWh, with hydraulic technology being the one that has achieved 45% of the hours.

Source AEE

Tailor made design

At DIVISEGUR we create the product to suit the client. From the conceptual design of the solution to the commissioning of the finished equipment, we take care of everything.

Our engineers put all their know-how and dedication into each project to ensure that the materials used are the best available and the technical solutions are the most appropriate.

We have the best expertise in welding!

We have the best expertise in welding!
At DIVISEGUR we believe in offering the best quality through the most experienced and best trained professionals.
This way, our products are recognized for their quality above the rest.
In DIVISEGUR we are proud of our professionals and how they make us grow as a leading company in the sector.

Quality, quality, quality

Perfection is only achieved through quality.

Every part we manufacture, in each production phase, is subject to a quality control process to guarantee its perfect use and operation in the most demanding conditions.

At DIVISEGUR the highest quality is our main objective.

News about Wind Energy

The Wind Business Association joins the manifesto for a sustainable economic recovery.

AEE say that it supports a recovery towards a more sustainable and robust economy, and we demand the establishment of alliances between political parties, companies, unions, the media, NGOs and civil society to support and implement a sustainable stimulus package, based on the best scientific knowledge and best practices that allow progress towards a more prosperous, sustainable, healthy and resilient society.

Source: AEE

Capacity for any type of project!

Capacity for any type of project!

Today we can say that, at DIVISEGUR, most of the manufacturing processes are done in-house.

Our policy during these years has been based on reinvestment, assuming more manufacturing processes internally, reducing delivery times and thus achieving greater flexibility.

We can cut everything!

At DIVISEGUR we can cut everything!
Thanks to our range of laser, plasma and oxyfuel cutting machines, we have the capacity to cut pieces from 0.5 to 300mm.
And not only that, we have technology of rotating cutter heads that allows us to cut in bevel, even K-type, in a pass.

True professionals

There are very precise and demanding jobs that should only be done by the hands of true professionals.

At DIVISEGUR we are experts in welding and we know very well which processes should be automated and which should not.

Therefore, our products and services are recognized with the highest quality standards in the sector: EN 1090 exc4 and EN 3834.