There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of March. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

News about Wind Energy

CO2 emissions from the electricity sector are reduced by 27% in 2020 compared to 2019, with a significant contribution from wind power.
According to preliminary data from Red Eléctrica, CO2 emissions from the electricity sector in 2020 would have been 36.17 million tons of CO2, compared to 50 MtonCO2 in 2019, a reduction of 27%.
Wind power has made an important contribution to reducing emissions, having reached a record contribution to total national generation with 21.8%.
This drastic reduction in emissions has been caused by three concomitant factors:
• the reduction in electricity demand mainly due to COVID19 by 5.7%;
• the increase in renewable generation by 12.9%; Y
• the substitution of coal-fired generation for gas-fired generation.
Source: AEE

Women’s Day

Today March 8th is International Women’s Day 2021, a date on which to demand gender equality worldwide. From DIVISEGUR we want to support, not only this day, but every day of the year, the movement for an egalitarian society.

Exact tools

The exact tool at the exact moment. It is not only a question of design, materials or resistance; it is also a question of precision.

At DIVISEGUR we have the capacity and the Know How to make that piece that only a few of us can create.

From design to delivery on time, we offer effective and durable solutions.

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Size does not matter

A perfect assembly and correct fastening of each and every one of the pieces demonstrate our ability to deliver regardless of their dimensions.

At DIVISEGUR, quality in all our processes is the key to our success.

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The mass production of custom-made parts with the highest quality is our main strength. At DIVISEGUR we have the necessary means and know-how to manufacture in the most optimized way and reducing response time. All this, guaranteeing the final quality of the product.

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The continuous training of our team is the cornerstone of the high quality of our products.

At DIVISEGUR, all of our welders have the highest possible training for the work they carry out, with all the necessary homologations.

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Do you know what this is?

Our human team is the engine of our success!
At DIVISEGUR, our secret is to have the best professionals in each area.
This is only achieved through a rigorous selection process plus personalized ongoing training.
We are very proud of our human team!
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Listado de admitidos

Desde DIVISEGUR comunicamos la resolución de la selección de personas para el curso de formación, de Operaciones Auxiliares de Fabricación Mecánica, que se impartirán en nuestras instalaciones. ¡Muchas gracias a todos!


We create custom-made parts, tailored to the customer’s needs.

From the engineering and design department, through the different phases of manufacturing and assembly, to the delivery of the part to the customer, we take care of everything.

This is the philosophy and the goal set at DIVISEGUR: to offer the most comprehensive service for the renewable industry.

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