There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of March. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Investments to improve

At DIVISEGUR we do not stop investing to offer products of the highest quality, automating our production processes.

This oxyfuel machine, for large pieces, triggers our production capacity allowing us to cut sheets from 10mm to 300mm including K-type bevel cutting in one pass.

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The mass production of customised parts does not compromise the highest quality.

At DIVISEGUR we have the capacity and the know-how to manufacture optimizing resources and reducing the time of response, offering this way the best delivery times.

All this, assuring the final quality of the product.

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Women’s Day

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day 2020, a date on which to demand gender equality around the world.
From DIVISEGUR we want to support, not only this day, every day of the year, that struggle to claim equality.

News about Wind Energy

Why does a woman decide to develop her professional career in the wind energy sector?

On the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8 March, the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) has conducted a survey of more than 100 professional women in the wind energy sector in Spain.

Professional development, environmental awareness and personal reconciliation are among the main motivations of the hashtagMujeresEólicas to develop its professional career in this sector.

DIVISEGUR as a service company in the wind energy sector also participates in this development.


Robotic welding

The use of robotic welding equipment optimizes our manufacturing times, allowing us to be more competitive.

At DIVISEGUR we do not stop investing in automation with last generation equipment, guaranteeing the quality of our work.

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At DIVISEGUR we have the know-how to do it!

The perfection in the work and the optimal use of the technological resources allows a combination of two fundamental factors: infrastructure of last technology and to have the best professionals in each area.

Only in this way do we manufacture unique products that meet the highest demands of our customers for the conditions that have been designed.

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DIVISEGUR incorporates digitalization in its factory facilities to optimize production processes. We have changed our boards for screens to make easier the visualization of the work planning, monitoring of the manufacturing processes in real time and KPIs.

This implementation is part of the strategy of Industria 4.0 that DIVISEGUR has been developing the last years.

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Tailor made

Tailor made manufacturing Divisegur’s engineering team is expert in the design and manufacturing of parts, tools and equipment for the wind industry.

The result is a turnkey product, perfectly adapted to the needs of use and delivered in the best time.

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Welding art

Welding is not only the union of two pieces.

It is the union of knowledge and experience to create perfect pieces..

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News about Wind Energy

During 2019, 2.3 GW of wind power began operating in Spain, the highest figure since 2009 in our country.

In Europe there are already 205 GW of wind energy installed, which covered 15% of all electricity consumption last year. However, according to WindEurope, more than twice the capacity of wind technology would have to be installed to meet the objectives of the European Green Pact.

The possibilities offered by the digitalization of the sector are the perfect key to achieve this, according to Kaiserwetter.

DIVISEGUR supports these measures to achieve this efficiency only with renewable energies. Source:

Perfect welds, also in aluminium.

At DIVISEGUR we have the best qualified professionals and last generation technological means.

That is our base of growth and the best guarantee of quality of our products and services.

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