There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of November. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Working with the best suppliers

Working with the best suppliers and professionals makes us grow and become better.

Companies like @praxair, supplier of industrial gases, necessary for our cutting machinery, are by our side offering the best quality and service.

At DIVISEGUR we know where quality is and we look for it in each and every one of our collaborators to offer our client the best final product.


Control of non-destructive tests

Control of non-destructive tests

Each part manufactured in DIVISEGUR must pass a strict quality control porcess before leaving our facilities.

One of the phases of this control are the non-destructive tests through ultrasonic tests.

Thanks to the emission of acoustic waves we measure the different reflections that are produced when the waves find discontinuities when they propagate through the material.

At DIVISEGUR quality is our best guarantee.

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China Wind Power


A DIVISEGUR team attended the 2019 edition of this fair last October.

This is one of the most important events in the wind energy sector at an international level, our presence there allowed us to analyze market trends, create new contacts and strengthen existing ones.

Air quality

Improving the quality of the air we breathe in our facilities is a priority for us.

At DIVISEGUR we have installed a set of these machines for the extraction of welding fumes with filters for the removal of dust, particles and harmful vapors

We grow but in a sustainable way to ensure a better future for everyone.


New oxycutting machine 30 x 3 mts

We continue to invest and, on this occasion, we have purchased a new 30×3 meters oxycutting machine for large parts.

This investment will allow us to increase our production capacity and be even more competitive.

At DIVISEGUR we are aware of the need to adapt our infrastructure and means to our quality standards and to the demands of our customers.


News about Wind Energy

Wind energy to produce hydrogen.

Wind farms generate electricity only when the wind blows, which makes it necessary to have an auxiliary source of energy production.

Hydrogen production is possible by connecting the wind turbines to electrolysers that separate the water into its two components.

The stored hydrogen can then be used to generate electricity from a fuel cell.

At DIVISEGUR we are convinced of the future of this alternative energy source.

Predictive maintenance

The predictive maintenance performed by our hashtagservice wind farm equipment is essential for the entire system to continue operating at full capacity avoiding breakdowns and costly downtime.

This kind of maintenance of wind turbines involves not only the prevention of breakdowns, appropriate to a defined protocol, but also tracks each part to assess its wear and schedule its replacement at the most appropriate time.

At DIVISEGUR we look for efficiency in our work to offer the best service to our customers.

14th University Employment Forum of Castilla-La Mancha

Last October 30th, the 14th University Employment Forum of Castilla-La Mancha took place in Ciudad Real (UCLMempleo3E).

A meeting point between companies from various sectors and universities in search of employment and internships. UCLM3E is a space open to recent UCLM graduates who want to look for opportunities for their professional development.

At DIVISEGUR we believe in young talent and, therefore, we create real opportunities for employment.

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5th B2B Industrial Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha

Last November 14th, the 5th B2B Industrial Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha took place, organized by Itecam, with the aim of promoting knowledge between companies and entities that form part of the industrial and business ecosystem, facilitating collaboration and the generation of synergies.

DIVISEGUR, as an associated company of @Itecam.ctm, was present at this event.

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News about Wind Energy

The challenges facing the wind market for the future are based on hybridization, energy storage, the repowering of existing wind farms and their digitalization.

Only in this way, achieving these objectives, the future of wind energy, as a renewable and non-polluting source, would lay the foundations for a consolidation and sustained increase in the future.

At DIVISEGUR we are committed to achieving these challenges in order to maintain this ecological energy source.

Automation is the future

Automation is the future.

We show you two new welding robots that we just added to our hashtagHerencia production plant.

At DIVISEGUR we have always known that in order to grow we must invest in a sustainable way and in the latest technology to face the most ambitious projects with the greatest capacity.

Experts in welding

At DIVISEGUR we are experts in welding.

We have the best professionals to carry out the most demanding jobs.

Therefore, our products and services are recognized with the highest quality standards in the sector: EN1090, EN3834, EN15085.

CEPYME500 2019

Once again, DIVISEGUR has been awarded the CEPYME500 Seal, a distinction for being one of the 500 leading Spanish companies in business growth, both for its results and its capacity to generate added value, employment, innovation and international projection.

From DIVISEGUR we want to thank this distinction, which motivates us even more in continuing this line of business growth.

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