There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of October. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

The brand

The brand of a company is a symbol of identity and a philosophy of work. DIVISEGUR defends values of commitment, ethics and quality that all the people who compose it assume. All the workers that make up the DIVISEGUR family are proud to be part of it.

News about Wind Energy

The final cost of the domestic electricity bill depends on three major components: regulated costs (which in 2015 accounted for around 44%), the cost of electricity generation (32%) and taxes (21%). On October 1st of this year, 198,127 MWh of wind energy were generated, which corresponds to 40% of the daily demand for electricity at an average price of € 10.09 cents / kWh. At DIVISEGUR we are committed to this inexhaustible and ecological source of energy.
Source: AEE

You know what this is, right?

You know what this is, right? It is a die-cutter and is used to engrave a specific name or number on the pieces that we manufacture to verify their identity and keep the traceability of the part. At DIVISEGUR we understand quality as the objective in each production process. For this reason, we put all the means to guarantee it and offer a unique product.

Creating from design

Creating something whose functionality is so important from scratch is a constant challenge and motivation. At DIVISEGUR we are aware of what we are and also of our capacities, personal and material, to face any project no matter how large it may be. That is our philosophy and we develop it with demand and professionalism

Impressive, right?

Impressive, right? This is one of the fundamental systems for the operation of wind turbines. DIVISEGUR is a company specialized in the manufacture of tools for the transport of wind turbine transmissions, as well as their maintenance, #service, in field.

News about Wind Energy

The latest generation of wind turbine blades is here. The 64.2 meter long blade replaces all epoxy resin with polyurethane, bringing a new generation of longer and stronger blades for the wind power industry.
Source: AEE

End of out work

Our work ends with the delivery of our products to the customer. The loading of parts is a delicate process that has to follow an exhaustive protocol to avoid blows, friction, heavy loads… At DIVISEGUR we have a specific division in charge of transporting special goods with the application of specific international regulations.

Knowledge, experience, passion and perfection

Knowledge, experience, passion and perfection These four words can well define any artist and, also, why not, our welders because, precisely, that is what they are. At DIVISEGUR we are proud of this great team of professionals who give their best every day to create perfect pieces. Just what our customers want.