There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of September. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

The inside of a nacelle

I bet you’ve wondered what’s inside the nacelle of a wind turbine, haven’t you? A complex mechanical mechanism that goes from the hub, where the blades are attached, to the shaft, bearings, gearbox and finally to the generator. And all this, in a tight space where, in addition, our #service team must have access to carry out the predictive, preventive or corrective maintenance of this equipment

The highest capacity in each productive stage

At DIVISEGUR we provide the highest capacity in each productive stage and all the resources for any kind of project. In our painting line we not only have a large capacity, but we have the know-how and the latest technology for metal cleaning, priming and painting. For this reason, all our products, from the smallest parts to the largest structures for offshore wind power, are a true referent for quality.

At DIVISEGUR there is no part or structure that can stop us!

At DIVISEGUR there is no part or structure that can stop us! There are no limits for our team. Each piece is a new challenge that we overcome to grow as a company and to keep on being leaders in the industry.

News about Wind Energy

The importance of Wind Energy as a source of employment and a solid industrial sector.
24,000 people work in the sector in Spain.
Wind power creates five times more jobs than conventional technologies.
In addition, the jobs in wind power are of high quality and of great stability.
Of the 24,000 jobs in Spain, 70% are qualified Source: AEE

We have the know-how

At DIVISEGUR we have the know-how to use the most appropriate manufacturing process for each situation. For each piece manufactured, a previous technical revision of the materials, requirements, and working conditions is made. In each case, the production process will be based on these parameters to provide a product of the highest performance.

Production of tailor-made

The mass production of tailor-made parts is not at odds with the highest quality.
At DIVISEGUR we have the necessary resources and the know-how to manufacture in the most optimized way and reducing the time of response.
All of this, while guaranteeing the final quality of the product.

Do you know what we use this torch for?

Do you know what we use this torch for?
Temperature control of the part is key to achieve a perfect welding.
Taking care of every single detail allows DIVISEGUR’s welded products to be distinguished among the rest.

News about Wind Energy

The Wind Energy sector is an economic boost for the country. Wind power represents 0.31% of Spanish GDP and the wind industry exports technology for about 2,181 million euros per year.
The wind sector has a powerful value chain that has led Spain to be the third largest exporter of wind turbines in the world. Source: AEE

We show the expert hands of our team

We are happy to show the high quality of our products made by the expert hands in our team.
At DIVISEGUR we are committed to be the leader in the industry and we are aware that, from the beginning, it is essential to rely on the best equipment and the best staff.