There have been many news that we have published in social networks in the month of September. For this reason, we wanted to group them in this post to get an overview of how our activity has gone in this period.

Perfect welds.

At DIVISEGUR we have the best qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technology equipment, the result of which is the one shown in the image.

This is our basis for growth and our best guarantee for the quality of our products and services.

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Quality of weld.

We love to show the high quality of our products made by the expert hands of the best professionals.

We know it and we are recognized for it.

At DIVISEGUR we have taken on the challenge to be the benchmark in the business and we know from the beginning that, to do so, it is necessary to have the best resources and professionals.

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We have no limits in the creation and manufacture of machines!

We did it once again.

We show you a piece of equipment created to ease the lifting of wind turbine blades during their manufacturing process.

At DIVISEGUR we take care of everything. From bespoke design by our engineering department, through the entire fabrication process up to documentation and delivery.

We offer real solutions to specific needs

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Our goal is to achieve excellence in the entire production process, so quality is key from the very beginning.

To achieve this, our strategy at DIVISEGUR is double: ensuring quality during all steps of the manufacturing process and maintaining traceability in materials and parts.

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Information about Wind Energy

Europe has the potential to produce in onshore wind more than 100 times the energy it generates now.

We remark the news published in the digital, due to the great importance of these news.

The Europe has the potential to host up to 52.5 TW of onshore wind energy – 1MW for every 16 citizens – and thus generate more than 100 times the amount of electricity it currently produces, according to a scientific study led by the universities of Sussex (United Kingdom) and Aarhus (Denmark).

At DIVISEGUR, reading this motivates us even more to continue betting on green energy and help in our way to reduce pollution in our planet.

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Aluminium welds.

Making perfect welds in steel takes years of experience and knowledge, but making perfect welds in aluminium is only reachable by the best.

At DIVISEGUR we have the best qualified professionals and the latest generation equipment, the results of which are simply unbeatable.

This is our best guarantee of the quality of our products and services.

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Handmade work carried out by professionals.

At DIVISEGUR we train and select the very best to be part of our organization.

The motivation and know-how of our human team is the driving force of our company.

The result of all this is a continuous improvement to maintain us as a reference in the business.

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Machining and assembly.

The machining of parts and their subsequent assembly is a process that requires great precision.

At DIVISEGUR the CNC machining of parts is a necessary process in the creation of the innumerable tools we manufacture.

This is the only way we can offer a final product with the required efficiency and quality requested by our customers.

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At DIVISEGUR, perfection is the result we want to achieve.

In the image we see some parts involved in the transport of wind turbine components from the factories to the wind farm.

We have made this piece so that everything fits perfectly and meets the required standards.

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Information about Wind Energy

Wind and sun to fill “the empty Spain”

The electricity company Endesa has promoted the construction of wind and solar farms in 37 councils in Spain.

A way to accelerate the ecological transition and revitalize regions suffering from depopulation.

At DIVISEGUR we applaud this initiative destined to this double purpose so necessary in our country.

Look at our new high load stackable tables!

We manufacture a broad variety different types of parts and tools.

Each tool is made to fulfill our customer demadns and in a turnkey basis.

At DIVISEGUR we offer solutions for the needs of our customers.

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