TS – DIVISEGUR, an industrial school model



In DIVISEGUR we think in the formation of our workers, through an industrial school model, both for the specialization in specific areas and in the continuous formation in any professional area of our company.

We are fully aware of the need that our companies have to have good professionals. In the same way, we know that this level of training is not easily acquired. For this reason, DIVISEGUR has been part of the “TSD Internacional” Industrial School for some time now, with the aim of making a strong commitment to training for employment.

Within this training plan for employment, the Industrial School “TSD International” continues to generate training actions that will benefit more than 80 students in 2018, obtaining their corresponding certificates of professionalism. This plan has a double function: on the one hand, to offer the student a professional learning, beyond his academic formation; and on the other hand, once the formation is finished, to provide him with that professional qualification that serves as accreditation of his professional qualification.

Likewise, we seek to improve the qualifications of workers already hired, so that they can continue to grow at a professional level.

Only this year, our Industrial School has carried out training actions that have meant a total of 2250 hours of training.

In addition to the above, the incessant growth of our group of companies has motivated us towards the creation of this Industrial Training School because we need to have a pool of specialized professionals, with very specific profiles, who can fill jobs that are required in our group of companies.

With more than 80 students already being trained in our new DIVISEGUR facilities, duly homologated and equipped with everything necessary for it, the Industrial School “TSD Internacional” becomes a reference and model to follow in Castilla-La Mancha.

Soon we will be able to inform you about the new announcements about the certificates of professionalism that we will begin shortly. Get informed!