TSECURITY-DIVISEGUR Group, model of socially responsible companies

TSecurity – Divisegur Group, a socially responsible company model

Representatives of Tecnove Security and Divisegur attended last October 9 to a business breakfast to strengthen and share, with other responsible companies, the implementation of strategies that favor access to the labor market for people in situations of social vulnerability due to disability.



This event was organized by the group of Social Entities CECAP and Asociación Laborvalía. Regarding the heads of companies and organizations at the meeting, these were represented by Mr. Adrián Navas, CEO of TSecurity; Mr. Francisco Bolaños, CEO of Divisegur; and Ms. Rocío García, Head of Training.

Some twenty companies and entities from all over the region took part in the event, with the aim of creating synergies between the so-called third sector and the business world.



This meeting was supported by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, through its representative, Mr. Agustín Espinosa, Provincial Employment Delegate, who referred to these companies as “agents of change”.

It is no coincidence that TSecurity and Divisegur have carried out various training actions with people in situations of social vulnerability due to disability throughout this year, with more than 70% of the students being contracted at the end of the training activity. This fact clearly shows the total collaboration of the TSecurity-Divisegur Group as socially responsible companies with any action or tool that promotes the hiring of people with disabilities.