We created a conversion kit for alternative fuels

DIVISEGUR creates a kt of conversion of vehicles to alternative fuels

In an advance in favor of clean energy, DIVISEGUR offers its customers the installation of vehicle conversion kits for Alternative Fuels.


To this end, we have as technological partner of our project the company Combustibles Alternativos Automoción, specialists in the development of transformation kits, supply centers, training and advice on the most optimal solution for each user.

Our kits can be installed, both in vehicles of companies and fleets as well as in private, industrial and passenger cars, and always without affecting aesthetically or structurally the original vehicle.

In addition, our installation technicians have been qualified according to the most demanding parameters by a standardized process, regulated and authorized by the manufacturer of the kits, in addition all the equipment comply with ECE / ONU 67/01 to guarantee safety through standards and test more severe.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us: comercial@tsecurity.es